M I C H E L L E  L.  C A R A C C I A

A R T I S T  S T A T E M E N T

Michelle Caraccia studied Graphic Communication at San Diego State University, followed by a thirty-year career in advertising, with a focus in creative services in Providence, Boston, and New York working on national ad campaigns. She received a BFA in 2010 at the University of Rhode Island with a concentration in painting and printmaking.

Caraccia lived in a small town near the Columbia Gorge and often visited the Oregon coastline. Daily visits to the powerful, yet tranquil, white water river less than a block from her home as a child have been a source of inspiration. "I am fascinated with the beauty and strength of stone and its relationship with water, stone's most masterful sculptor."

In her recent study of Rhode Island's coastal regions she finds the ease of the oils and pallet knife move with the ebb and flow of the tide, resulting in an interpretation of the shore's edge.

Caraccia currently works at URI and lives in Narragansett, RI with her family, close to the beach.

Michelle L. Caraccia
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